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The thoracic spine can be defined as the 12 vertebrae of the middle and upper back which join the neck to the lower back. This area in the middle of the back has the propensity to become tight and immobile in a large percentage of the adult population. This is a direct result of the hunched over position many office workers put themselves in on a daily basis (changes are you are doing it right now). Not only does this not look appealing, it can play a big role in neck and lower back pain, as well as overall health and function of the body. Virtually everyone – from busy office executives to professional athletes – can benefit from improved thoracic mobility and using floor slides are a great way to do just that.

The squat – one of the most primal and necessary movements of the human body, yet one of the most poorly coached and performed movements at your local Lifetime Fitness. This is primarily due to lack of mobility in sedentary individuals, but also poor coaching from personal trainers and coaches. The following is a list of three coaching cues for the squat, why these cues are flawed, and alternative cues to help reduce injuries and improve performance.

A few of the most common mistakes coaches make in training youth athletes.

Detox diets and supplements are a multimillion dollar a year industry, with many in the health and wellness field, and even some in the medical community, touting their benefits. But, do they work, and more importantly, are they safe?

5 tips to take advantage of every minute you have in the gym.


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