What is Performance Training?

Performance training goes beyond simply working with athletes. People of all ages and ability levels can benefit by improving their mobility, stability, and strength. Ultimately, performance training is about moving and feeling better to increase all aspects of your life - including on-field athletic performance.

Who can Benefit from Drees Performance Training?

Everyone from professional athletes to stay-at-home mothers can benefit from training with Drees Performance Training. At DPT we offer individualize training programs to address your unique needs and goals. With a large selection of training options including - sports performance training, personal training, and boot camp group training - there is something for everyone.

We believe that we can help you reach your goals faster than you could anywhere else!

Clients include:

  • Junior High, High School, Collegiate, and Professional Athletes

  • "Weekend Warriors"

  • Stay-At-Home Mothers

  • Business Owners

  • Office Executives

  • Post-Rehabilitation and Chronic Pain Sufferers


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