Drees Performance Training is a results-driven performance training facility in Burnsville, MN. We help area athletes reach their full potential by increasing their strength, speed, and jumping ability. We also offer adult fitness training for individuals looking to increase their strength, gain muscle, and drop body fat. Unlike many facilities that offer big promises, only to under-deliver, our goal is to over-deliver in every aspect with our members.

The Origin

Drees Performance was founded in order to give young athletes a facility that offered the attention and expertise they needed to reach their full potential. At the time, it seemed athletes only had two choices for their training needs:

  1. Train at their crowded high school or club. While they do their best, these facilities tend to be undersized and the staff tend to be under-qualified.

  2. Train at the local fitness club with a personal trainer. These facilities usually do not have the equipment or space needed to best improve athletic performance, and the staff, generally, are experts in adult fitness, not youth sports performance training.

Now, with Drees Performance Training, parents can feel confident that their son or daughter is receiving a training program that meets their unique needs and goals, while also be led by a highly qualified coach.

Rise Above

Our tagline is more than coaching athletes to jump higher. Our mission is to lead by example, to encourage our members to go beyond what is necessary or expected of them. To rise above in all areas of their lives. 

Our Training Programs

Our facility offers individualized training programs that meets the unique needs and goals of our clients. This process begins with a 1-on-1 assessment. Unlike many gyms that offer free “evaluations/assessments," as a sales pitch for their facility, we use these sessions to collect valuable information on the client. With this information, along with their goals, we create an unique training program we feel will be best for the individual.


Because we build training programs weeks and often months in advance, we do not offer free trials, drop-ins, or per session options. All of our memberships are done on a month-to-month basis or in training blocks of several weeks. We are extremely transparent and do not have hidden fees or long-term contracts - no sign up fees, no cancellation fees, no strings - you pay for the training you receive.