Our Adult Group Strength and Conditioning classes are built with the ex-athlete and current "Weekend Warrior" in mind. For the mother or father that wants to keep up with their young athlete, while also staying competitive on their weekend softball team. If you are like these people and feel stuck with your current routine, we can safely help you gain strength and speed, while also making you look and feel much better in the process!

This program is not for everyone. For members that are new to us, we generally recommend starting out with our Semi-Private Personal Training option - Semi-Private Personal Training.

1. Progress Testing

  • Objective strength, power, and endurance testing
  • Body composition testing (by request)

2. Daily/Weekly Periodization

  • Structured variations in training intensity to maximize results

3. Percentage-Based Strength Training

  • Percentage-based strength training allows our clients to know exactly how much weight they should be using for each exercise