Adult Testimonials

"I used to be a cardio junkie. I knew I could improve my times with some strength training but couldn’t religiously stick with a lifting program. I’d feel like an idiot in the gym, as I was sure my form was terribly wrong and I honestly had very little idea of what I was doing.

In March, 2015 I began attending boot camps at Drees Performance Training regularly. These workouts kicked my butt 100% of the time (in a good way) with a blend of cardio and strength training. The facility is super clean and the group atmosphere is truly inviting – even for someone like me with little to no lifting experience. Jon and team use exercises that provide the most efficient workout while also coaching you on the proper form. Believe me, it’s fun!

Since starting with DPT, I am stronger AND faster (I’ve shaved almost 10 mins off of my half marathon time). I recommend this program to anyone. An experienced lifter or not, you’ll enjoy yourself and see some killer results."

Sam Drager

"I found Jon through an internet search of trainers in the south metro. At first I wasn’t sure his gym would work for me since he has fewer machines than many gyms have. Jon turned me into a believer. I am close to 50 and in the best shape of my life. He does a great job customizing workouts and nutrition to my goals and abilities. I highly recommend Jon."

Ed Sturm

"When I began shopping around for boot camps, I was kind of skeptical to join any because I was not sure if I could handle it. I really needed to lose some baby weight and regain strength. When I came across Drees performance training on facebook, I decided to go and meet Jon in person at his gym to get a feel of what kind of person/trainer he is. Jon was welcoming and ready to answer all the questions I had.
I worked out with Jon for 3 months. The first workout wore me out terribly and I have to say that I felt embarrassed because I could barely do any of the exercises, but Jon motivated me. His patience with me made me confirm my need to work out with him. He kept pushing me (in a good/positive way). I started feeling strong and energetic 3 weeks in and I looked forward to the next session. Jon is very passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. He always asks questions about how you feel and if everything is going on well and therefore his friendly personality also makes the atmosphere conducive for working out. He also plays your choice of music (if music motivates you) while working out and I find that fun too. He incorporates diet with exercise in order to achieve your individual goals. Not only have I lost a little over 5 inches on my belly and 21 lbs in general within this short time, but also built some muscle and I'm very happy with these results thus far. I would highly recommend Jon to anyone."

Annette Ogamba

"I’ve been working with Jon for almost 2 months now and the progress I’ve shown has been astounding. Jon’s approach to your workout is very quantitative to show exactly how you’re progressing, and it provides tons of motivation. My weight lifting maxes have gone up while my body inches have gone down, and I have Jon to thank for it all. There’s plenty of variety in everything we do that I’m still learning new exercises, and I’m still sweating like crazy doing it all."

Justin Jenkins

"When I signed up for my first month of boot camp sessions with Jon Drees at Drees Performance Training I have to admit, I was skeptical. I had done boot camp style workouts at other facilities in the area without any tangible changes to either my strength or physique. However, within the first 5 weeks of training with Jon I started seeing real results. In those first 5 weeks not only had I lost inches, but I started to look leaner and more toned. With the nutritional guidance/support offered with the training I was able to break through the fat loss plateau I had been struggling with for several months.
I also couldn’t believe how quickly my strength has increased. Each week I’m lifting more than the previous week. Jon has the experience and education to create the most effective workouts. He is great at finding and pushing your limits to get you maximum results.
Jon is passionate and dedicated to helping his clients achieve their individual goals. Very shortly after meeting him I could tell he has a genuine rapport and relationship with all his clients, which is something you won’t find at other facilities. It is great to know I have a professional trainer who is invested and committed to helping me succeed."

Kendra Hemme

Gail Testimonial.jpg

"I joined Drees Performance Training out of desperation. I was trying for about 8 years to shed some excess baby weight after having 2 kids. I wanted to get rid of about 20 pounds. I tried DVD workouts, Zumba, Twin Cities 10 mile, diet supplements. None of those things worked for me. I needed something different and wanted to make some drastic changes. I can say that after about a week of Boot Camp, I was addicted. The workout was difficult but I was proud of myself for being able to make it to the end of the hour class. The classes didn't get easier but as I got stronger, it made me want to come back for more. I continue to be impressed with the depth of knowledge Jon Drees possesses. He is constantly changing up the workouts and exercises. Strict form is top priority to prevent injury and prevent a current injury from getting worse. He cares about your progress and will continually push you to the next level. You will see results you never thought were possible. I am happy with my results. My body has changed for the better, not only with pounds lost but in muscle gains as well. Overall I have more confidence. I would recommend Drees Performance Training to anyone that is fed up with other weight loss plans or just needs to ramp up their fitness level. You won't be disappointed."

Gail Baxter

"I have been working out with Jon for less than three months; in that short period of time Jon has been instrumental at helping me overcome physical and perceived limitations due to a knee injury/disability.  When it was time that I had to get help, I knew that the person needed to be passionate and focused on strength, performance and rehabilitation.  Jon met my foundational criteria of being educated (college degree), credentialed, and actively engaged in the sports community as well as demonstrating continued learning and training.  After my complimentary assessment with Jon I was hopeful; my initial and continued impression is:

1. Jon has solid experience and is friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable and will freely share and teach.  He is very thorough and attentive to his clients; he cares about progression in strength, performance, flexibility and balance.  Jon emphasizes form over and over and pays close attention to detail making sure you advance physically.

2.  Jon is observant/intuitive, asks questions, listens and seeks feedback.  He is able to clearly explain limitations and incorporate exercises to address those challenges.  

3.  Jon makes the workouts safe and switches them up to be progressive, fun and challenging.   He is encouraging and supportive yet demanding in the right way.

In a few short months I have evolved from avoiding any activity that would stress my knee, wearing a knee brace, limping and often tripping even on flat surfaces to no longer needing the brace, walking with confidence, using stairs, and looking forward to the next training session to see what I can accomplish.   

This has been the best investment I have made in myself and it would not be possible without a person like Jon that can see past boundaries and limitations and provide a path to conquer them and move towards excellence."

Shannon F.


"My name is Amy B. and I was recently married on August 3rd, 2013. I was so fortunate to be trained by Jon Dress before my wedding. He not only helped me reach my weight-loss and measurement goals but he also helped me to have better endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. I also saw a huge transformation in my ability to perform exercises that I thought I was doing correctly, but was clearly not getting the most out of my exercises. Jon was able to give me very specific directions and corrections so that I was able to maximize the effects of each exercise. This was true whether we were doing a push-up or a complex exercise. Either way, Jon was very attentive and made sure that I was performing it to the best of my ability.

Jon, as a trainer, has a great balance in his training. He is able to meet you at your ability level and push you to reach your goals. He provided a large variety of exercises so I was never bored during any of the trainings. He also made sure that I did the proper stretching so I did not have injuries and minimized muscle pain. Overall, Jon did a great job of preparing me for my wedding so I looked great, and had the strength, endurance, balance and flexibility to show-off on the dance floor."

Amy B.


"I have had great success with Drees Performance Training! In the past, I have had nutritionists, done online food programs with journaling, and tried trainers at the chain gyms like Lifetime Fitness. I've also tried video workouts and online workouts such as Biggest Loser & Jillian, all with little or no success. I started working with Jon in January and lost 20 lbs. by April. I am now working on my next 20... I do have a bum ankle, so he takes into consideration my physical limitations, and works on my mobility in every training session. He has been a huge motivator for me and I look forward to every session!"

Lisa Phillips


"I had been looking for a workout class that incorporated more strength training and was smaller in size.  When I came to my first boot camp class with Jon, I knew it was the class I had been looking for.  The workouts are always different and fast paced.  I have noticed a huge improvement in my strength and how much I can lift in just under three months.  Jon is a great teacher, putting together effective workouts and always there to help with proper form.  I would highly recommend Jon as a trainer!"

Lauren Ballmer


"Before Drees Performance Training I had hit a plateau that I could not overcome for months! Within two weeks Jon had helped me overcome that plateau! I continue to see so many changes and I am as motivated as ever to reach new goals with the help of Jon!"

Katie Armstrong


"After the 1st workout I realized that I was working with someone that was passionate about their line of work! Jon not only SHOWS proper technique but also TEACHES why it’s important. You will see and feel improvement within a few weeks of working with him. My strength and stamina really grew. I would recommend Jon Drees any day!"

Earl Ware

"I started working out with Jon in January.  At the time I was feeling sluggish, unmotivated and somewhat hopeless with how I had let myself go.  I was an athlete in high school and had done some training in recent years with personal trainers at other local gyms.   For whatever reason I didn’t keep up with the training and had kind of resigned myself to the philosophy that when you reach your mid 40s metabolism slows down and there’s really nothing you can do about it.

I am happy to say that with Jon’s help my whole mindset has changed.  He has pushed me to challenge myself.  I have seen progress in what I am able to do – increased weights – increased stamina during my workouts – and an eagerness to try new things.  I had heard other women say that they enjoy the feeling of being strong, but that was never really appealing to me.  Now I feel strong and I love it!  With strength comes increased energy and a clearer mind.

The hardest part is starting something new.  It feels like there is so much work to be done.  But, the last 10 weeks has been the best investment of time and money.  My clothes fit so much better and my energy level has increased immensely. 

I have a lot of work to do. But, I feel like Jon is the person who can help me succeed.  With his encouragement and my commitment to working hard I can achieve whatever goals I have for myself.  I would recommend Jon as a trainer to anyone who has trained before and especially to someone who is afraid to try it for the first time.  You won’t regret it!"

Lisa M.