18 Sports Performance Training Myths

1. Gaining muscle will make you tight and slow
2. You should keep your weight on your heels when squatting and deadlifting
3. More is always better
4. In-season training should be light with high reps
5. Deadlifts are bad for your back
6. Squats are bad for your knees
7. Athletes should do a lot of direct core work
8. Athletes shouldn’t workout on the days prior to a game
9. Training to muscular failure is necessary to gain strength and muscle mass
10. If it was on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, etc. it must be good
11. Jumping is the best way to increase your vertical jump
12. Practicing running technique is the best way to improve speed
13. Workouts should be switched frequently to keep the body guessing
14. Lifting weights stunts growth
15. All athletes should squat to the same depth
16. Athletes should static stretch before training, practices, and games
17. Running sprints at the end of practice or a training session improves speed
18. Karaoke is a warm up exercise (karaoke is what you do on a Friday night, CARIOCA is a warm up exercise)