How to Survive a Halloween Party

As the leaves fall, so does the willpower for many people when it comes to holiday treats. The start of this season of overindulgence begins with Halloween and continues all the way through New Year's Eve. There is no doubt that these party filled days of food, treats, and alcohol can have a big impact on your waistline. But, following these three tips can help you in the fight against holiday weight gain.


1. Limit Alcohol

A drink of liquor has around 100 calories in it, and that is excluding any mixers. That beer or wine, 100-150 calories. Your favorite cocktails, 150-400 calories.  

Obviously, your best option is to not drink at all, but if you do partake there is a couple strategies you can use to limit the effects on your body. First, try to drink one full glass of water in between each glass of alcohol. This will slow down your alcohol consumption and keep you better hydrated. Second, try to avoid drinking those high calorie sugar-filled cocktails. Instead, go for a liquor with a zero calorie mixer or a light beer.


2. Don’t Arrive Hungry

Arriving to a party starving is a surefire way to over eat. When our bodies are very hungry, we tend to eat a large amount of food in a short period of time. Eating in this fashion does not give our bodies adequate time to feel full and usually results in us eating to the point of discomfort.

To prevent this, try having a light meal or healthy snack prior to heading to the party. This will put some fuel in your tank and prevent that urge to over eat at the party.


3. Stay Hydrated

Our body’s signal for thirst is often mistaken for hunger, which can lead us to eat when we are not actually in need of food. This tip can apply at any time of the year, but being conscious of hydration levels is even more important during the holiday season. First, with the weather being colder, people do not always feel the urge to drink water like they would on a hot summer day. Second, people tend to lower their activity level during this period. This inactivity can heighten our feelings of hunger, leaving us to snack throughout the party.

To find out if you truly are in need of food, try drinking a glass of water first. Often times, having something in the stomach can push back those urges to start snacking. Once you finish your glass of water, wait ten minutes. After this time period, if you are still hungry, go ahead and eat.