Providing dedicated athletes individualized training programs to increase their strength, speed, and jumping ability

Our comprehensive sports performance program is designed to build stronger, faster, and more explosive athletes. Understanding every athlete is unique, each training program we create is individualized for the specific needs and goals of that athlete. In doing so, we are able to help the athlete that is fighting for more playing time and the one working towards a collegiate scholarship just the same. 

Jump Training

While we pride ourselves on developing all aspects of athleticism, our "bread and butter" is improving athletes jumping ability. We do this by assessing each athlete individually and then prescribing appropriate strength and plyometric exercises based on their needs. 

If you are a volleyball or basketball player looking to add inches to your vertical, we have the jumping program to help you rise above your competition.

Speed and Agility Training

When improving an athlete's speed and agility, we first look to correct any technique flaws in their acceleration and deceleration mechanics that will hinder their explosiveness. Once these are addressed, we then utilize speed and agility drills that best correlate to that individual athlete's sport.

Strength Training

Another specialty of ours is our ability to drastically improve an athlete's strength in a relatively short period of time. We do this by avoiding trends and gimmicks, and instead focusing on heavy compound movements proven to best increase strength. 

Injury Prevention

All of our training programs teach athletes proper running, jumping, and cutting mechanics; which reduces stress on the body. We also focus on strengthening and balancing areas of the body that are most susceptible to injury.

To this day, no athlete has ever experienced a serious non-contact injury on the field, court, or ice while training with us. We take great pride in this.

Athlete Assessment

Prior to working with us, we require every new athlete to attend a 1-on-1 assessment session. This session allows us to get a baseline for each athlete, while ensuring that they are a good fit for our program. During this assessment process, we identify the athlete's strengths and weaknesses, while checking for dysfunctional movement patterns that could potentially cause injury. Using this information we build an individualized training program for the athlete that we feel will best help them reach their athletic goals.